Callinan takes down Jordy in France


Callinan takes down Jordy in France

Callinan competing in France - Pic @WSL
Newcastle’s Ryan Callinan has won his third heat of his rookie CT career with a come-from-behind win to take out Jordy Smith yet again!
Callinan racked up his first tour win at the Quiky Pro on the Gold Coast in the opening event of the season and he has once again proved to be the South African’s nemesis at the French Quiky Pro today.
Down for the majority of the 30 min heat the Merewether goofy-footer took to his backhand producing a solid back-hand snap before pulling off a critical backhand nose-pick reverse!
Callinan needed a 6.33 to take the lead and was rewarded by the judges with a 6.93.
But before he could get back into the line-up Smith had taken off on a right-hander and nailed three turns.
He only needed a 5.77 to take the heat and both competitors had to endure a long wait for the judges scores.
The smile on Callinan’s face was priceless when a score of 5.33 came back giving him his third heat win and a place in round three
The Novocastiran went into the heat with a little confidence knowing he had already beaten Smith before.
He was expecting there to be a lot of waves ridden and was surprised just how few waves were scored on.
Both surfers scored on less than 10 waves with the highest score being Callinan’s 6.93.
‘It was a pretty slow heat actually, I thought there was going to be a lot more waves ridden, time seem to go really slow out there.’ Callinan said after his heat.
‘There always seem to be more time left than I thought, so maybe that means that I was calm, so that’s good.
Conditions in France change by the minute and they can be some of the toughest to find your rhythm on.
‘When the waves came through they were pretty fun, they are just tricky to position yourself and there wasn’t a stack of opportunities, but I guess I made the most of the ones I got.’
‘I’ve only made two heats this year and that was my third, and two of them have been against Jordy, so maybe he’s my good luck charm.’
Callinan’s lack of luck looked like it was going to continue when he was trailing late in the heat, but he stuck to his guns.
‘I’ve had a lot of close heats this year, and to have one go my way for a change feels really good, so hopefully it keeps going.’
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