slow dance, anderson make cut


slow dance, anderson make cut


SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., (Nov. 27, 2013) — With just over a week until the biggest night in surfing, SURFER Magazine is pleased to announce the 2013 SURFER Poll video nominees.
Every year, SURFER Magazine pores over the films and shorts produced in the previous calendar year, and narrows down the best movies and performances.
This year, there were so many noteworthy sessions and performances caught on tape, we’ve expanded the number of nominees in several categories to accommodate.
Also this year, for the first time in SURFER Poll history, we opened up the Worst Wipeout category to our SURFER readers, allowing them to vote online for the most harrowing wipeout and ultimately choose the winner.

Here are the 2013 SURFER Poll nominees:

Best Barrel

Dave Wassel, Tahiti, from Tropically Yours Josh Kerr, Kirra
Didier Tinhin, Tahiti, from Tropically Yours Randall Paulson, Pipeline, from Forecast Barrels
Craig Anderson, Skeleton Bay, from Slow Dance
Jordy Smith, Mozambique, from Now Now John Florence, Tahiti, from Done

Worst Wipeout 

Nakoa Decoite, Jaws, from Buttermilk Biscuits
Alain Riou, Teahupoo, from Tropically Yours
Peter Craig, Mullaghmore, Ireland, from Hallow Week
Tom Dosland, Jaws, from Buttermilk Biscuits
Adam D’Esposito, Teahupoo, from Tropically Yours
Tereva David, Teahupoo, from Tropically Yours  

Heavy Water
Mark Healey
Kohl Christensen
Koa Rothman
Shane Dorian
Ian Walsh
Shawn Dollar
Greg Long
Carlos Burle
Grant “Twiggy” Baker
Garrett McNamara

Best Documentary
The North Canyon, directed by Gustavo Neves
Uncharted Waters, directed by Craig Griffin
Hawaiian: The Legend of Eddie Aikau, directed by Sam George
The Ductumentary, directed by Graham Nash and Reagan Richie

Best Short
Now Now, directed by Jacob Wooden
Highline, directed by Ryan Perry
Abyss, directed by Jay Grant Begin
Again, directed by Blake Kueny
Ice Cream, directed by Joe G Nti
Sheeto, directed by Dion Agius

Best Performance
Mick Fanning, Anything Sing
John Florence, Done
Craig Anderson, Slow Dance
Conner Coffin, Highline
Jordy Smith, Now Now
Shane Dorian, Anything Sing

Movie of the Year
Tropically Yours, directed by David Malcolm
Uncharted Waters, directed by Craig Griffin
Done, directed by Blake Kueny
Slow Dance, directed by Dane Reynolds
Hawaii: The Legend of Eddie Aikau, directed by Sam George

Grant Sproule
Grant Sproule

Grant Sproule has worked in Newspapers and Surf Media for 22 years and is also graphic designer and photographer. His eye for detail and deep passion for surfing has led him to develop one of Australia's leading Surf Magazines. Grant Started shooting surfing at a young age and is now regarded as an industry pro.

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