newcastle says aloha to a legend


newcastle says aloha to a legend


There is a custom within the surfing world that when a member of the surf community passes all his friends throw him, or her, a “paddle out.”

A paddle out is sort of like a surfers version of a funeral.  Everyone paddles out beyond the persons favourite local surf break and arranges himself or herself in a circle. 

Many times leis or flowers are tossed into the middle of the circle.  Then each person in the circle says something about the person, a few prayers are said and everyone paddles in and heads to the party, which is sort of a surfer’s version of a wake.

On Sunday the Newcastle Surfing fraternity came out in droves to celebrate the life and times of Steve Butterworth. Matt Hoy, Nick Wood, Same Egan, Peter McCabe, Roy Lee, Gary Pearson and the list goes on and on…It was a who’s who of Steve was a Newcastle icon and recently lost his battle against cancer and so some serious surfing royalty assembled at Nobby’s Beach to honour his memory. 

Nobby’s beach was chosen because Steve had a long standing love affair with the place and was one of the first surfers to master the churning left hand tubes that barrel through the corner on a big swell.

Many of Steve’s immediate family were present including his son Blade, there are close friends that he grew up with here in Newcastle as well as people that he touched on his journey through life.

There was even several people that just met Steve in the surf and came to pay their last respects.

OHANA in Hawaiian means family, and on Sunday the OHANA was spread far and wide as everyone in surfing community is connected through the power of the Ocean and their love of the sport.

An innovator, a style master, an artist, a gentleman and a father.

Thanks to everyone that came together to celebrate the life of the one & only Steve Butterworth!


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Grant Sproule
Grant Sproule

Grant Sproule has worked in Newspapers and Surf Media for 22 years and is also graphic designer and photographer. His eye for detail and deep passion for surfing has led him to develop one of Australia's leading Surf Magazines. Grant Started shooting surfing at a young age and is now regarded as an industry pro.

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